Have you ever felt it’s hard to be productive in a messy room or working space? Do you feel terrible and depressed in a cluttered room? It’s time to know that cleaning isn’t just getting your chores done. It’s the meditation of your mental health. Here are five cleaning benefits for mental health. 

1. Concentration improvement

When you’re about to put your hands on writing your essay or completing daily work tasks, do you feel easily attracted by other things on your desk? Research has found that cluttered surroundings can easily distract you from studying. Visual distractions can increase your brain overload and reduce your working memory. Roster’s study indicates that clearing workplace clutters can improve workspace conditions and foster a habit of increasing productivity and well-being” (Roster & Ferrari, 2019).An organized working space also offers you a clearer sight, saving time from looking for the things you need. Clearing the clutter equals clearing your mind. It can help you concentrate on one single task at a time.  

2. Stress Relief

If you feel anxious or angry in a cluttered space, it’s not because you are an emotional person. It is because the living environment gives you a sign to clean up. One of the cleaning benefits of mental health is lowering your stress. Studies show that clutter in one’s workplace keeps giving the brain a signal of unfinished work. The unclean room can make it challenging to relax physically and mentally. A cleaned house or workspace can provide you with a more relaxed environment.

Besides, cleaning also counts as an exercise to produce endorphins. Endorphins can block the brain from receiving pain, increasing feelings of well-being. That’s why some people actually enjoy cleaning when they feel stressed. The study shows that a nice clean home may predict their everyday experiences of stress and negative mood. No matter whether you like cleaning or not, the results from cleaning are good. If cleaning your house can save you time and money from booking an appointment with a therapist, why not. 

3. Boosting your mood

Cleaning can make you happy. Even though the cleaning process might bother you sometimes, you’ll feel motivated after you have done it. Do you prefer to live in a smelly and cluttered room or an organized space with clean scents? Probably your answer would be like most people, the second one. The study shows that scents can affect people’s moods. Some scents from cleaning supplies can also improve your moods, such as jasmine, lavender, and chamomile can help people relax and reduce depression. Try green cleaning services from professional cleaning would be a good choice, as the cleaning chemical is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Plus, the cleaning benefits on mental health are similar to exercise; it helps stabilize our mood and calms the mind.

4. Sleep Quality 

Hoyniak’s study shows that a disorganized home can cause short sleep duration, timing, and low sleep quality (Hoyniak et al., 2022). A clean room offers you breathable air, a comfortable bed, and a zero-dust living environment. High air quality lowers the risk of dust mites allergies that usually hide under your bed, nightstand and carpet. After vacuuming and dusting, the air will be more breathable for you. Washing your bedsheets and pillowcases can kill bacteria and removes germs, which can prevent you from getting breathing issues such as asthma and more. Sleep quality is also related to stress. If cleaning can reduce your stress, it can certainly improve your sleep. It is like a bundle of cleaning benefits for your mental health.  

5. Positive autosuggestion

Another cleaning benefits of mental health is forming positive autosuggestions. Autosuggestion is a self-development method used to create positive beliefs about yourself. It can drive you to achieve a better yourself. Basically, it is a psychological hint that you give yourself that you’ll be successful and happy. You’ll feel everything is under your control in a clean room. People tend to do a deep house clean when the new year comes. It gives you a “fresh start” sign that makes you feel energetic and confident. A tidy environment provides you with a sense of mastery and accomplishment. From organizing and cleaning, you gain power from the visual accomplishments of de-cluttering, which help you calm yourself. That’s why some people like cleaning when they feel stressed or upset. Cleaning can generate a positive self-lead that everything is under control. 

Tips for cleaning a room 

Step 1: Organize everything.

Step 2: Dusting 

Step 3: Do laundry 

Step 4: Fresh air

Step 5: Nice scents